SPIERMeetings magazine and The Planner would like to thank Spier Wines for being a sponsor for the annual Top 40 Women in MICE event.

Spier has been growing grapes and making wine since the early 1700s. Their wines have also won numerous awards, both locally and internationally. They are made under the skillful guidance of the celebrated cellar master, Frans Smit.

From vineyard to cellar, the grapes are handled with utmost care. They are picked by hand, and immediately cooled when they arrive at the cellar.

The grapes are then hand-sorted and, in spite of strict vineyard practices, up to 10% do not make it past the sorting tables. Special attention is paid to the pressing and crushing process – an area the cellar master believes is critical to the quality of the wine.

21 Gables

Award-winning wines for special occasions, this range celebrates a unique architectural feature of the Spier farm: they have the greatest number of beautifully preserved Cape Dutch gables of all the historic farms in the Cape.

235 Creative Block

Their range of blends is inspired by an art project that combines works from different artists to create something new. Similarly, they blend grapes from various vineyard blocks to create wines far greater than the sum of their parts.

Wine-Signature-Red-Food1692 Spier

Like a chef’s signature dish, Spier’s Signature range of wines represents what Spier does best. They are committed to making quality wines that capture each grape variety’s unique flavour.

Frans K Smit

A world-class red with a very special story, this limited edition wine is named after their acclaimed cellar master, Frans K. Smit. An icon in the making, this is Spier’s flagship wine.

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