logoThe Association of African Exhibition Organisers’ (AAXO) 2016 Conference has been arranged to coincide with two other significant industry events, the 30th SAACI Congress and the first UFI ‘Global Exhibitions Day’in June 2016 in Mangaung, Bloemfontein.

Following the SAACI Conference, which will be held from 5-7 June 2016, the AAXO Conference will take place on 8 June at the same venue. Linking the two meetings together in this way not only takes advantage of the synergy and shared vision of AAXO and SAACI, but also is more convenient for delegates who wish to attend both events.

SAACI and AAXO have entered into a strategic partnership based on their dedication towards growing the meetings industry in Southern Africa. The collaboration between AAXO, which advocates specifically for exhibition organisers and SAACI, which represents a broad number of related sectors including technical and other service providers, transport services and venues, has been designed to include the sharing of resources, knowledge and training opportunities for mutual growth and support. This is highlighted by the decision to combine the conference dates for the two organisations.

8 June also marks Global Exhibitions Day, the beginning of a UFI and IAEE-led initiative to unify exhibition organisers, venues, associations and service providers from countries all around the world. Many organisations have agreed to participate and add their voice to the day. AAXO will be marking the occasion by having its conference on this day and being part of the task force.

Kai Hattendorf, UFI md, says, “Global Exhibitions Day 2016 will be a day to celebrate the exhibition industry. We are thrilled by the strong and growing support for this idea, and we will now work with all our partners around the world, including AAXO in South Africa, to make it a special day indeed.”

Carol Weaving, chairperson of AAXO, is excited at the prospect of shared knowledge and opportunities. “AAXO has adopted a collaborative approach from its inception and this has led to the decision to combine the SAACI and AAXO conferences. We are also very proud to be part of the inspiring and powerful Global Exhibitions Day initiative.”

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