Julian Cohen and the team at AVStage were contacted by Drew Abrahamson from Captured in Africa and asked if they would assist with the official launch for them.

The Captured In Africa Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation, established to support ongoing efforts for the protection, relocation or rescue of vulnerable and at risk big cats, both in the wild and exploited captive situations. Captured In Africa Exclusive Safaris was established in 2013 with a view to promote conservation awareness, with an emphasis on the plight of Africa’s big cats.

Whether you’re a first time safari-goer, seasoned traveller or adventurer, novice or professional photographer, conservationist or animal advocate, family or couple … Captured in Africa welcome you with open arms …and occasionally paws!

The event was focused around the lion population in Africa and it’s steady decrease in numbers, however it was extremely heartening to see that there are many people that care enough to make a tremendous effort in trying to save our lions from extinction.

Although budget was limited, we enjoy a challenge and know that Audiovisual is a massive and vital part of any presentation, and AVStage always endeavour to make our events a flying success for our clients.

This particular launch required not only microphones for speeches, and sound that had to be heard throughout the venue, but also mood lighting to create a warm atmosphere throughout the evening, which also changed during the entertainment and formal presentations.

There are no simple events from a technical point of view. To the audience, it may and certainly should look seamless. However, behind the scenes, there is a vast amount of equipment and skill required to pull an event together.

It can sometimes become more complicated in venues that are not designed for presentations. Importantly the screen size selected must be based on the content to be displayed as well as the size of the audience, and the room.

Lighting is also critical to create the required ambience as well as at the same time providing sufficient light for the audience to read or take notes during a presentation.

Sound levels must be correctly set – during a speech every single person in the audience should be able to hear the sound correctly no matter where they are seated. The size of the room, décor, furnishings and surfaces all affect the quality of the sound.

Finally, the engineers seated behind the control desks are the ones that make the show a success. Ensuring that your sound engineers have time to get familiar with the running order, and allowing them access to the timing of the proceedings as soon as possible helps enormously in the running.

The launch was a great success and AVStage looks forward to working with the team at Captured in Africa again soon at their next event.

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