World class golf, travel and event destination, Prince’s Grant is set to welcome guests to a completely new dining and hospitality offering this winter. Details behind the guest feedback driven renovation project taking place at Prince’s Grant’s Bunkers Restaurant and Mulligans Pub have now been revealed as the upgrade starts to take shape.

Having started the refurbishment on 21 June, Phase One of the project is now well underway at the prestigious estate with the new and improved Bunkers Restaurant and Mulligans Pub being re-launched in August 2016 after the completion of Phase Three.

According to the Estate Manager, Roelf Du Toit their goal is to complete the upgrades as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to minimize the impact on Prince’s Grant guests. “The current refurb affects the restaurant and lodge area as part of Phase One. This entails a soft refurb to the restaurant’s décor and finishes and structural changes to the two arches at the entrance leading into the dining area. As part of Phase Two we will concentrate on the bar area, where soft details will also be upgraded to achieve a more modern look.”

Du Toit explained that the refurbishment project was planned in conjunction with homeowners, the Home Owners Association, lodge management and the building committee. The detailed and sensitive project requires a partial closure to the affected areas while the improvements are carried out; however, guests are currently being accommodated with meals being served in the cosy environment of Prince’s Grant’s Mulligans Pub.

Du Toit explains that the decision to implement the upgrades to their multi-award winning facilities was based on guest feedback. “We believe that it is so crucial to listen to our guests as one of the ways that we ensure that they have a positive experience at Prince’s Grant time after time. After reviewing the feedback received through various platforms we realized that our dining facilities were in need of an upgrade.  Looking at the positive comments that were received after the refurbishment of our lounge and lodge rooms last year, we decided to align the look and feel of our other facilities to the same modern classic feel.”

As soon as all three phases of the upgrade project are complete, a new menu with delicious signature dishes will be unveiled at the official re-launch which be held for the home owners, golfers, media and travel agents.

In the meantime, Du Toit says they are still looking forward to welcoming guests heading to the North Coast for cosy winter getaways. “Please bear with us while the construction is taking place and as the gem that is Prince’s Grant begins showing its new colours. Winter along the KwaZulu-Natal coast is a great time of year for outdoor activities in the midyear sunshine of the North Coast.  Our warm climate lends itself to spending time on the beach during winter, so get your costume and towels ready for a great break from the winter chill.”

Typically from June to August golfers are lured to Prince’s Grant by the clear, windless days and warm temperatures boasted by Prince’s Grant’s location. For corporates looking to boost staff morale out of the winter slump, Prince’s Grant is currently offering a special conferencing rate of R465 per person in their highly sought after Jeremy Stubbs venue which provides for a wide variety of conference styles and functions accommodating between 10 and 70 attendees. For more information on function packages, contact

Du Toit has also extended a special welcome to engaged couples encouraging them to book a romantic winter weekend at the lodge so that they have a chance to view their stunning wedding venue. “We are offering an amazing 50% discount on the venue hire fee to couples who book their wedding with us before the end of year. This makes a weekend breakaway for couples all the more worth it as they will have a chance to experience our great service in action while having the opportunity for a walk through of the venue.”

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