OK, no beating around the proverbial bush. AVADE is a three-piece rock band consisting of guitarist/singer Ross Meintjes, his brother Brendon on drums, and the recently appointed German-born producer/multi-instrumentalist (and good mate) Ruben Thomas on bass. They come from the rather “un-rock ‘n roll” suburbs of Pinetown and Winston Park, just outside Durban KZN, with the collective goal of putting both those areas on the music map in a Seattle, Belville sort of way.

Growing up in the 90’s/early 2000’s, they shunned anything that was supposedly “cool”, which is pretty much the same way they do things now, since “cool” is more often than not way too fluid to be of any real substance. By writing great songs and putting on electrifying live performances, AVADE’s approach is to distract their audience as best as they can from the fact that they are not, never were and never will be “cool”.

Primarily of a bluesy rock hue, the band nonetheless has a penchant for doing what they want, when they want. Go to a show and you’ll hear an array of influences, sometimes subtle, sometimes prominent. All, however, under-pinned by theraw, unbridled roots of rock ‘n roll.

All this boils down to one word: ENTERTAINMENT. Every show this band performs is aimed at giving each and every member of the audience the best live music show possible. Says Ross: “We want every person in the audience to feel like they’re experiencing the musical equivalent of an orgasm! It’s all about excitement, and if you don’t leave the show as out of breath as we are, then we haven’t done our job properly”. With Ruben on board, 2017 sees the band embarking on a new era.

This will be AVADE’s first ever show in beautiful Clarens! They can’t wait to see everyone and make a vibe 🎉🇿🇦✌️

CDs and T-shirts will be available for purchase.

Visa and MasterCard accepted.

When: 3 March 2017 at 8 PM

Where: Friends Restaurant and Pub, 354 Van Zyl Street, 9707 Clarens, Free State

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