Yes, we all know that technology is changing at a rapid pace and you just can’t seem to keep up. Every event you attend there is always someone who is using new technology for their events.

Today we are going to share with you some of the top digital trends in the events industry today.

  1. No cash. No card swipes. Simply pay with your phone…

A lot of corporate events are now becoming more dependent on no cash events. This means that there is an elimination of cards and money. Instead event attendees pay with a top up wristband. The wristbands are usually pre paid but can also be topped up throughout the event if needs be

  1. Custom built Apps for every event…

Event Apps are very popular with event planners these days. The app allows for attendees to interact with the event both inside and outside the event. The event app can capture real feedback from the clients as it is happening or else post event feedback. This allows event planners to create a more interactive customer experience for guests.

  1. What’s happening right now!

Today, customers want to see what’s happening right then and now. Live streaming of events allows for potential customers to see what is happening at your event as well as how successful you have planned it. Images and videos of your event can be shared with friends of friends at the events. This allows for your event to be marketed to a wider audience.

  1. Gifting goes digital…

Digital take home bags are the new ‘goodie bag’ of 2017. This contains online gift vouchers for the attendees to use. These bags create less clutter for the guests and allow majority of them to scan the online vouchers to their phone without the hassle of carrying the bag home.

  1. The attendee’s number one device are you missing out?

Everyone, Everywhere has a smartphone. They have been the trend for the past 5 years; however they are also the future. They are the customers’ way of connecting with the world. Smart Phones allow for the ease of sharing content about the event or interacting with one another after the event has happened.

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