The 26th of January marks World Environmental Education Day – an annual initiative to raise awareness around the need to preserve and protect the environment. With the Earth experiencing mass extinction of plants and animals at a rate of at least 10,000 species every year*, Premier Resort Mpongo Private Game Reserve is supporting this initiative, not only on the actual day, but all year round by educating guests during game drives and safari walks.

Premier Resort Mpongo Private Game Reserve Hospitality General Manager, Martin Jansen van Rensburg, says: “By bringing our guests into proximity with and teaching them about the animals that call our Reserve home, our game rangers are able to foster an emotional interaction that inspires respect for the environment. They also teach the guests – along with members of the surrounding community – how to become everyday environmentalists who can play a part in protecting animals and plant life, both on the reserve and off, simply by adopting environmentally friendly practices. Particular emphasis is placed on picking up litter which animals could ingest and which ultimately ends up in our waterways, posing a major threat to marine life.”

He continues: “While on the game drives and bush walks, the guests will spot members of our 24-hour anti-poaching unit. This presents the perfect opportunity for our rangers to educate them on one of the main reasons why many species join the endangered list every year and what they can do in their personal capacities – from hosting fundraisers and signing petitions, to joining anti-poaching units themselves – to help stop this horrible crime that is robbing future generations of an array of animals.”

Home to an abundance of wildlife, from elephants, lions and buffalos, to hippos, giraffes, antelope and numerous bird species, Premier Resort Mpongo Private Game Reserve offers a unique blend of luxury and wildlife experiences on more than 3,500 hectares of conservation land. Situated in the Malaria-free Eastern Cape, the Reserve allows its animals to frolic in between the rolling hills, river valleys and luscious surroundings. This treasure chest of beauty, rugged terrain and untouched land is the perfect safe haven for an assortment of species.

Jansen van Rensburg appeals to all South Africans to get behind World Environmental Education Day by supporting those organisations working to educate people on protecting the planet’s precious plants and animals.

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