Six fantastic properties with six unique personalities fall under the widening umbrella of Faircity Hotels and Apartments. As this young and agile hotel group grows by leaps and bounds, the time came for each property to get its very own identity, inspired by Faircity’s Service by Design promise.

Faircity is both immensely proud and supremely excited to introduce their new logos for Quatermain Faircity Hotel and Falstaff Faircity Hotel in Sandton; Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel in the Johannesburg city centre; Grosvenor Gardens Faircity Apartments, Junction Faircity Apartments, Roodevalley Faircity Hotel and Kievits Kroon Faircity Hotel in Pretoria.

Quatermain Faircity Hotel is a stately and sophisticated hotel that exudes old English-style charm. The King’s Crown emphasises the true identity of this hotel with its plush couches, perfectly placed cushions and regal dark wood furnishings.

Falstaff Faircity Hotel is an intimate and elegant hotel hidden in the peaceful suburb of Morningside in Sandton. The Queen’s Crown was inspired by the elegance that gracefully flows throughout this boutique hotel.

Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel is a chic, urban hotel in the heart of the Johannesburg city. The Kingdom of Mapungubwe was a pre-colonial state where people from all over the country would trade. One of the most popular products was ostrich eggs that were crafted into beads, depicted by the circles in the logo.

Grosvenor Gardens Faircity Apartments offers self-catering, long-stay accommodation with all the amenities that make a place feel like home. The signature flowers of the Jacaranda trees form a picturesque, purple blanket over Pretoria from mid-September to the end of November.

Junction Faircity Apartments offers contemporary and spacious accommodation that is airy and filled with light. It is located on one of the biggest junctions in Pretoria East represented by the shapes in the new logo. The contemporary look of the design reflects the modern persona of the apartments.

Roodevalley Faircity Hotel offers a relaxed bush setting on the banks of the Pienaar’s River, surrounded by a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. These elements are depicted by the eagle and waves.

Kievits Kroon Faircity Hotel is a beautiful, tranquil country estate known for its luxury accommodation, superb facilities, immaculate gardens, gourmet dining and wellness spa. The tree represents the beautiful gardens where there are many places to picnic at leisure.

With the new logos comes a breath of fresh air as Faircity continues to focus on designing their service offering around their guests’ unique and discerning needs.

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