Getting people to visit your stand is a critical part of even having an exhibition stand in the first place. The truth is this isn’t always easy. To attract the ‘right’ crowd to your exhibition stand, it must stand out. Meetings puts together six effective and innovative ways to attract more attention to your stand.

  1. Set the right tone

Whether you’re an attendee or an exhibitor, you’ll know that trade shows can often be exhausting. Walking around, interacting with sales reps and taking part in conferences or talks can take its toll on the average attendee and their smart phone battery. Turn your booth into an oasis of peace by setting up comfortable armchairs and charging ports for attendees to relax and chat in – don’t forget the coffee and free Wi-Fi.

  1. Get interactive

A great way to give visitors the ability to really connect with your brand is with cool interactive features. Interactive walls and floors have proven to be an effective way to encourage consumers to engage with your brand and exhibition stand.

  1. Pick the right team to man your stand

Identify staff who will attract people to the stand, or who will approach people and bring them to your exhibition stand. The consumer experience is vital. It’s great to have an amazing exhibition stand, but it’s useless without amazing staff! Make sure that your staff are prepared and fully trained for the event to ensure that visitors have a memorable experience at your stand.

  1. Its competition time

Nothing gets people talking like the chance to win free stuff. Host an exciting competition that visitors can participate in to win a prize. A competition is a great way of creating some buzz about your stand. Use it to your advantage and it may just get you the business leads that you are looking for.

  1. Stand layout is everything

If your booth is made up of different components such as a pop-up stand, branded tablecloth, iPad stand and leaflet dispenser, it is important to create the best design and layout to maximise the space you have available.

A good idea is to take a few days before the exhibition to try out different layouts. Set up everything in your workplace so you can get the layout right. This also allows you to ask your colleagues what they like and what they would change.

  1. Do the work before the exhibition

Any exhibitor will tell you that the amount of work that goes into an exhibition far exceeds the duration of the show. Most of time allocated for an exhibition is spent on preparation, and unless you’ve done the back-end work, you’ll struggle to generate results on the day. A critical part of that back-end work is reaching out to the people who might want to attend, sending out invitations to clients and other stakeholders.

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