Catering is an integral part of any event. Even if every other aspect of the event is a raving success, if the catering is terrible, it will probably be the only thing that the guests remember. Essentially, catering can make or break an event. Meetings looks at what’s hot and what’s really not for 2018!


Say it with Mexican Tacos
Tacos are a clever option because they can be a light, crispy snack garnished with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese; or they can be something more substantial if you provide meat or vegetable fillings, rice, chilli beans, salads and garnishes. Versatile, easy to serve and easy on the eye!

Cheese/grazing table – Raving about rustic
Grazing tables that include rustic bread, yummy local cheeses, fruits and a variety of delicious meats are a definite yes for 2018. These allow guests to mingle at their leisure and select what they want to eat from a diverse selection.

Cocktail pairing flair!
In 2018, spice things up and instead of offering wine to complement your guest’s meal, caterers will be crafting cocktails that coordinate with the specific tastes and flavours of their food. Cocktails can reflect personal taste or the theme of the event, and are great to look at so long as they pair well with the food of the evening.

G&T – The artisanal gin wave
We had to give gin its own special mention! Gin is the latest tipple to follow in craft beer’s footsteps; the world over, there’s a gin craze going on. To those really passionate about its craft, gin is basically a white wall to a graffiti artist – full of possibility. A plethora of small, boutique gin distilleries are cropping up the globe over, each innovating to push the flavour boundaries, so this is a great addition to any event. NB: Too much gin and things can get a little messy!



Smoothie bowl – Mind the mess
Smoothie bowls may be a sight to behold (super pretty), but they’re a disaster to eat and may not even be that good for you. Some smoothie bowls use a yogurt base, making them basically breakfast ice cream… ugh!

Activated charcoal food (anything) – Why is your mouth black?

It might have been really funny to begin with but the activated-charcoal-infused foods will not be missed in 2018. We won’t be sad to see this trend go. Let’s leave that black ring around the mouth in 2017!

Food waste or food dustbin
Combating food waste, both of extraneous packaging and food itself, should be a given at conferences in 2018. Donating fresh leftovers to the needy is a great way to handle waste. You can also boost recycling by adding more bins and educating participants about what is recyclable and the joys of greening.

Sweet tooth after 2? No thanks.
Goodies drenched in sugar – i.e brownies and cookies – as a snack after lunch may not be the best of ideas. These high-GI foods might taste good, but the inevitable crash will leave your delegates zonked and cranky until dinner. Consider having your delegates snack on protein if you don’t want to host a post-break snooze fest.

The carb revolt will be televised
Miss Meet said it first: can we please stay away from carbs in 2018? A plea from conference goers around the world to event planners – hold the carbs! Its either that or having your delegates sink into carb-induced comas! Look at offering low-fat, high-protein items this year.


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