Event planning is stressful. I always say this, and I can’t say it enough. Part of this due to the many challenges you need to juggle and deal with to successfully execute an event – all of which can vary greatly from one event to another.

There are a few common event challenges that crop up time and time again.

  1. Limited budgets – for a big vision

A limited budget isn’t a problem on its own; it only becomes a problem when the expectations and requests that are attached to it are not limited. This is where managing your client’s expectations is a master skill you will need. Your job is to help them understand what their budget is capable of and, based on that, establish where they are willing to compromise. Of course, it’s still your job to find creative solutions and affordable suppliers to bring their vision to life within budget. And while this is hard, it is not impossible.

  1. Use the right suppliers

How your suppliers perform, unfortunately, is often considered a reflection of your event. If the food is terrible, or the entertainment disappointing, or perhaps if the stand builders are not ready for the exhibitors to set-up – all of these things can taint your event’s image. To curb this, try to build up your own preferred network of suppliers you can trust and work well with. This will be invaluable.

  1. Making it memorable

Every client wants their event to be memorable, better than the competition, of course, and always needing a ‘wow’ factor that people will keep talking about for ages. This is no small request, but it is also one that you, as an event organiser, want to deliver on, as your reputation can be built on being able to do just this. My advice is: always try to remove any limitations during your brainstorming session.

Only once you have a lot of raw ideas should you start working through them to see which have potential. Keep a mind-set of “How can I make this work?” rather than “Why might this not work?”, as this is how truly bold new ideas can be born

  1. The dreaded technical glitch

Technology is capable of so much, including transforming a good event into an amazing one. However, this is only true so long as it is working. Broken or ineffective technology is always a far more frustrating and disappointing experience than not having it in the first place.

What this means is that you need to choose your suppliers wisely, brief them properly, and ensure you listen to them and their concerns too – so that any issues raised are dealt with appropriately and timeously. If you are well prepared in this manner, all of your tech should work smoothly when you need it to.

Happy planning!!!

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