Group MICE transport under spotlight

With the rising costs of fuel not to mention the advent of e-tolls as well as environmental issues of reducing our carbon foot-print it is likely that many MICE planners will make a concerted effort to investigate group transport as an alternative to individual access... read more

Master plan Mauritius

Mauritius, the well-known holiday island in the Indian Ocean, has embarked on diversifying its economy in order to foster economic and social development. With sugar prices dropping, a former sugar cane area of some 400 has directly adjacent to the countrys national... read more

The ins and outs of eventing 2013

The past year has seen companies host less events and functions due to budget constraints and lack of resources, so how will 2013 fair? And what are the latest event industry trends? Deana Heslop-Mthembu, managing executive of events at Blue Moon Corporate... read more

SAACI green steaming ahead

SAACI Northern Territories branch recently donated 380 trees to the residents of Rietfontein Village near Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg. Funds were raised at the association’s annual congress in Johannesburg in close cooperation with Food & Trees for... read more

Where to from here?

Danny Bryer is the Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue for the Protea Hospitality Group, Africas largest hotel company comprising some 130 African Pride Hotels and Protea Hotels in eight countries. The MICE industry as a whole has been through some trying times... read more

Pinpointing true MICE professionalism

In the event management industry ethical behaviour is the key, says Helen Brewer. There are levels and degrees of ethical behaviour and, depending on the circumstances, we’ve all been tempted at one time or another to push the envelope to a questionable point. There’s... read more

International investment

Growing South Africa’s exhibition sector Nigel Walker, MD of Complete Exhibitions, reviews the economic status of the country’s exhibition industry. The value of the exhibition industry is determined in the same manner as the value of anything: by what a... read more

A new era dawns for MICE practitioners

Never before in the history of mankind have so many known so much. Whether via the internet, in-house or public presentations, the variety of information available, here, there & everywhere, is mind-boggling. HR Futures Alan Hosking put it in a nutshell How... read more

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