GUVON HOTELS: United against Rhino poaching

Guvon Hotels & Spas is taking a humorous approach to a very serious matter. With rhino poaching on the increase, Guvon Hotels & Spas is implementing a number of promotions and events to increase awareness and collect funds for Anti-Rhino poaching and is... read more

Tourism: leader in digital marketing

The fifth annual E Tourism Africa Summit will take place on the 13th and 14th of September 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Coordinated by E Tourism Frontiers, the E Tourism Africa Summit is hosted in partnership with South African Tourism and... read more

State of travel and tourism in South Africa

Good morning, colleagues, and thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you about the state of South Africas travel and tourism sector. Even though the time allocated might not be enough to reflect on all the issues that you may have on your mind, I... read more

Successful 2012 expos at the Sandton CC

Its been a great year for exhibitions at the Sandton Convention Centre year, with most of its shows in the first six months reflecting an increase in visitor numbers some substantially and exhibitors giving overall positive feedback on the quality of visitors. About... read more

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