Ingwenyama Joins the Extraordinary Collection

White River resort Ingwenyama Sport and Conference Resort announced their decision to join Extraordinary last week. The resort offers 73 rooms and is nestled overlooking the valley on the southern side of White River Mpumalanga. Ingwenyamas superb location provides... read more

Prominent prom gifts recognise MICE CPD

The make-up of any MICE undertaking consists of an array of suppliers and services. Within the corporate and association markets in particular, the insatiable appetite for promotional gifts is never-ending. From wallets and folders to memory sticks and iPads you name... read more

Growing South African MICE Professionalism

Without contradiction the CMP Network has been pivotal in understanding status attainment and the essential pre-requisites. With most attainable industry designations, there is an acceptance procedure which is the equivalent of RPL[1].With over eight years of... read more

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