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iStock_000031214994_Large1  SAY NO TO OPEN BARS There is no need for guests to be drinking expensive alcohol on the company’s bill. Offer a range of soft drinks, local beers and wine and have a cash bar for the rest.

2  BOOK EARLY Last-minute bookings are quoted a slightly higher-than-normal rate – book your venue and service providers early on in the year as this gives you room to negotiate a better rate (especially if you pay up front).

3  SKIP THE BELLS AND WHISTLES Don’t spend unnecessary money on designing and printing beautiful invitations. The fact is most people are going to look at it once to get all the necessary details and then it will be going right into the bin. Send email invitations instead, not only will you save money but it will be much easier to manage all the responses.

4  EVENT TECHNOLOGY Instead of hiring draping and event props, rather opt for projection mapping. Using this fantastic event technology, you can convert any surface like a ceiling or wall into a projecting screen, and the results are stupendous. The image produced out of projecting completely masks the surface it is projected on, thereby also serving an aesthetic purpose. The best part is, it creates an incredible ambiance at a minimal cost.

5  TRANSFORM COMPANY SURROUNDS Transform your client’s boardroom, terrace or canteen area into a space that brings the year-end function’s theme to life.

6  ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES Many hotels, venues and restaurants offer great year-end packages that will suit any budget. These packages include food, drinks and entertainment. This is a great cost-effective solution if you are working within a tight budget.


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