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Colin Browne runs a think tank called Happy Sandpit, which researches, debates and publishes through newsletters, articles and hands-on workshops and seminars, the most impressive opportunities and threats to people leaders in commercial organisations.

His presentations are narrative-based, designed to take a very thorny and often complex problem and make it simple to comprehend. He deals only in real-world research, predominantly created by him and his team at Happy Sandpit, He focuses on thoughtful, practical information with solutions that can be implemented immediately. Too often the subject of organisational culture is approached from a spectator standpoint, sharing observations without actionable insights. If you’re looking for a fun and funny presentation that will deliver plenty of aha moments, the odds are you will enjoy what Colin has to offer.

Additionally, though his focus area is clearly defined, his talks are aimed at several audiences, from leaders to followers in any organisation.



Contact: Colin Browne



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