In a world full of information any meeting or event manager having to get several messages across at a gathering knows full well the value of effective staging and production techniques.

MICE buyers of a range of products and services continue to be overwhelmed at the charges for staging and production. There are many different reasons for the heart-stopping charges the majority due to MICE buyers lack of understanding. Three of the most significant reasons for over the top staging fees are:

The Brief to the Staging Company

Do you as the MICE buyer understand the brief given to the staging company? For example from the initial brief has cognisance been taken of changes over a protracted period of time – reducing the array of equipment originally quoted on?

The Technical Knowledge Base of the MICE buyer

Do you know the reason for the gobo light and what it will or wont do for greater message retention? Its not implied that a MICE buyer should be technically savvy as a professional staging manager. But by the same token the MICE buyer should be familiar with staging, production terms and equipment. Equipment should be understood as to what can and cant be accomplished.

Different Venues for Different Quotes

The quote last year for the same staging this year has increased by more than 50%! How can this be?

If the venue is different from last year the staging requirements will be different and hence the charge structure will too. Stage set-up last year at a highly-sophisticated state-of-the-art facility in comparison to a game lodge bears no comparison. even if the actual staging requirement remains the same.

Staging and production companies have other costs which the MICE buyer doesnt always realise. These are:

  • Staging equipment needs to be maintained and safely stored this is a major annual cost item.
  • Equipment needs to be insured and replaced from time-to- time once again a major cost item.

So next time you have to be revived from a staging a production quote rather relax and look at each and every item in relation to your actual staging needs.