Bytes Connects, ongoing efforts to gain a deep understanding of the industry verticals it operates in, have won the company an accolade.

Bytes Connect has won an award for consistently contributing to the success of the HICA (Hotel Investment Conference Africa) in Durban.

The award, presented by the CEO of the Tourism Board Council of SA, recognised the company for adding value to the hotel industry by being present and visible at every conference since the events inception.

Bytes Connects technology consultant Bikash Maharaj says this is all just in a days work for Bytes. We make an effort to stay on top of trends and challenges in every industry vertical we operate in, he says.

Maharaj says HICA brings together global hotel operators and developers, who discuss trends and challenges in the hotel industry. Since Bytes Connect delivers technology services to numerous top hotels across South Africa, Maharaj makes a point of attending every HICA event to gain a thorough understanding of what the key technology trends are in the global hotel industry, as well as the challenges and needs of local hotel operators.

One big emerging trend in this industry is guest experience. Guests want to be able to access video and demand from their rooms, and have access to a variety of information about the hotel and their surrounds in multiple digital formats, says Maharaj.

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