Catering companies differ tremendously with regards to what their particular cuisine offerings can accomplish for the specific type of MICE gathering. MICE buyers must be wary that a recommended caterer may be outstanding for a particular type of circumstance, yet the same caterer can fail miserably when the requirements are slightly different and out-of-sync with another group.Catering for 200 is not the same as catering for 2000Catering companies do specialise. Most are dictated by the size of kitchen, personnel and most importantly the ability to source quantity with the same quality ingredients. Its a fine balance that few can undertake for over 1000 pax.Caterers with zest and zingThere are the specialty caterers that add colour, design and dcor back-drop which turn heads. Accompany this with tempting arrays of well-designed plates filled with newly-created dishes and delicious aromas, and youve got the perfect atmosphere. Its an art form all on its own and if well-executed will be the talking point long after the MICE undertaking is over.Different horses for different coursesLets get real. We live in a country of diverse cultures and at varying levels of the food chain. There is no way that the group demographics of middle-income earners can be equated with irregular contract assignment individuals. Mixing the groups in one catering decision is tantamount to courting an unsatisfactory outcome for one of the groups before the MICE gathering even takes place.The bottom-line? Check very carefully the references in relation to the type and size of function.Be sure the caterer has hot boxes and the right type of equipment in keeping with the reference checks of similar catering undertakings.

Understand what is being paid for and the quality that should be in place at the same time