The Icon Brand Awards is the largest of its kind in South Africa. To determine winners, the usage of over 8 000 brands is measured across 41 product categories and through 15 000 face to face interviews.

Icon Brand Award winners are brands that are loved by, and have a durable and timeless relationship with, the South African public.

We are delighted that we were selected as the hotel brand of choice amongst the 15,000 South Africans surveyed. It is an honour and we look forward to providing many more years of warm and friendly service, says Ignace Bauwens, Intercontinental Hotels Groups Vice President of Operations for United Arab Emirates, Near East and Africa.

The Icon Brand Awards is conducted by Target Group Index (TGI), world leader in marketing and media surveys, and sponsored by City Press and Rapport.

According to Dustine Tobler, TGI’s marketing director, to be eligible for icon status, brands need to show growth and consistent relevance to consumers from diverse backgrounds, characteristic of the South African market place.

Brands earn TGI Icon status by being loyally used by South African consumers and defining a common experience. South African’s love icon brands, use them often, and will even search for them outside our borders when they are not at home, says Tobler.

The Holiday Inn is the largest midscale hotel brand in the world and a familiar favourite amongst South Africans. The hotel group celebrates its 60th Anniversary next month, a reaffirmation of its strength both locally and abroad.