Without contradiction the CMP Network has been pivotal in understanding status attainment and the essential pre-requisites.

With most attainable industry designations, there is an acceptance procedure which is the equivalent of RPL[1].

With over eight years of experiencing the manner in which CPD (Continuing Professional Development) has been undertaken and ensuring radical improvements to a number of processes it stands to reason that the Network would expand to encapsulate several industry designations.

Many industry individuals do not seek status, yet the vast majority of MICE buyers[2] in particular, do wish to remain at the cutting edge of developments for their particular sector of the MICE industry.

The MICE Academy incorporating the CMP Network will be concentrating on industry individuals growing their professional profile as the most effective method of developing, improving and indeed proving their career achievements.

With a branded Professional Profile providing various guidelines and authentic proof of CPD claims, all industry individuals will be able to enjoy the advantages a Professional Profile Portfolio can bring.

Whether professional development is for SMMC[3], DMCP[4], CSEP[5], CEM[6], CMP[7], CMM[8] or without seeking a status at all, the professional development will be in accordance with South African skills development legislation.

Put simply, it means an outcome based questionnaire will enable a participating individual to gain authentic certification.

The MICE Academy welcomes assisting the development of CPD for a variety of International and South African member associations.

[1] RPL = Recognition of Prior Learning

[2] MICE buyers = Corporate, association, government (private/public sector) Budget decision-maker end-users.

[3] SMMC = Strategic Meetings Management Certification

[4] DMCP = Destination Management Certification Programme

[5] CSEP = Certified Special Events Practitioner

[6] CEM = Certified Exhibition Manager

[7] CMP = Certified Meeting Professional

[8] CMM = Certified Meeting Management