There are many differing types of acronyms in the fast paced business world in which we operate.

The initials that are likely to have the greatest impact on our personal and professional growth, going forward, are CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Due to an ever-changing world in which better methods and means are constantly being researched and proven more effective confirms that all experienced and knowledgeable individuals need to keep pace and up-to-date in an equally effective manner.

In turn, job descriptions will change and therefore an individuals current knowledge can be regarded as a perishable good.

An individuals preparedness to renew their portfolio of knowledge, skills and competences is crucial to future prosperity and career success.

3SMedias latest Face2Face interactive breakfast forum has secured top experts to ensure those that are serious about their careers discover first-hand the authentic manner in which a Profile Portfolio can be commenced, maintained and monitored.

From the qualifications sector SAQAs Deputy Director for Registrations & Recognition Eddie Brown will illustrate the role of CPD in the private sector and the observations to date in relation to CPD. Carin Stoltz-Urban who is the Head of Professional Development & Education at CIPS (Chartered Inst of Purchasing & Supply Africa) will outline an effective CPD programme.

The MICE Academy Helen Brewer will briefly set-the-scene and elaborate on the programme content:

1. The Essential Transferring of Skills from the Knowledgeable to the Youth;

2. Understanding that CPD is not a CV;

3. The Future in commencing CPD is Today.

Besides a CPD blueprint which can be implemented immediately Friday 14th September interactive breakfast forum has many benefits in a short space of time. Participants will also be able to:

*Interact with the outstanding presenters as well as colleagues;

*accumulate their first/ongoing CPD points for a possible qualification/accreditation/re-certification;

*be in line to win their own MICE Academy Profile Portfolio ring-binder;

*register on the Academys website for ongoing CPD opportunities.

Whether you are an HR / Training Manager or a member association on behalf of a variety of differing knowledgeable personnel/members this 3SMedia breakfast is for you. Career Individuals who are serious about advancement or securing potential clients with an authentic CPD portfolio should not miss Friday the 14th September. Email or phone through your registration on 011 233 2638.