The first ring-binder known as Professional Profile Portfolio – is for all individuals who wish to effectively record their CPD certificates. CPD is continuing professional development which will prove ongoing knowledge update in the fast paced, ever-changing MICE world in all its sectors. Important guidance will be provided within the branded ring-binder on what constitutes effective knowledge updates and plastic sleeves will allow certificates to be inserted including a personal learning statement in each instance.

The MICE Academys website will further allow individuals to log-on and attach their documentation such as presentations, lectures, published articles and member association involvement to be listed on a password-accessed area. The rules for CPD points per one hour will also be available on the MICE Academy website as a guide to a variety of career qualifications available nationally and internationally.

Academy members and non-members will be kept informed of regular opportunities for growing an effective knowledge base.

The second ring-binder known as MICE Specification Guide – is for all who are planning and organizing any type of MICE undertaking. This ring-binder will provide guidance on all the various documentation that needs to be kept and changed as the planning unfolds. Whether conceptual or logistical, recording of various sub-contractor RFPs, appointed sub-contractors together with the confirmed terms including pictures of decided table dcor, seating arrangements and the like, through to the presenters briefs and chairpersons and MCs duties the guide will be a dynamic reference in which certain sections may be distributed and shown to include the date circulated. Inclusions will be communications and media releases. No stone is left unturned in relation to any gathering of people whether for 10 or 10,000.

Once again updated guidance will be provided on the Academys website.

Grateful appreciation to the Academys strategic partners for their ongoing support as well as the valuable information provided by SAQA (SA Qualifications Authority) and CIPS (Chartered Inst. of Purchasing & Supply)

The MICE Academy website is due to go live shortly. The MICE industry will be notified accordingly.

It was Aristotle Onassis that said.always look the part and you will be the part especially if you want to be taken seriously as a true MICE professional.