The South African meetings industry has come of age with employers and potential clients agreeing that only performance counts in the many varied sectors of the MICE industry.

An Academy Advisory Board spokesperson emphasized Our track record bears witness to the initial investigations and successful implementation of one meetings management programme, hence it remains for the entire MICE industry whether buyer or supplier – to be able to grow their knowledge through effective focused CPD programmes – which are specific to career/client advancement opportunities.

The common denominator is CPD, be it points, units, credits. However without an outcomes-based CPD programme the authenticity is watered down to mere attendance registers culminating in a questionable certification which in turn – has limited to non-existent value.

Comments a MICE Academy Board spokesperson Clearly with the CMP Networks heavy involvement from 2004 to date in benchmarking some form of a workable MICE qualification mainly for suppliers plus the Academy advancing to a higher level of credibility for serious MICE industry individuals any future candidates interested in (for example) the CMP programme must apply direct to the administrators either in the USA or via the volunteer representative &/or Board of volunteers in South Africa. The Network even with a protected trade-marked brand identity, commenced some time ago evolving into the MICE Academy – and as an Academy, we are already gaining momentum and acceptance in the southern African MICE industry

MICE industry individuals and their employers and / or clients require an authentic portfolio of updated knowledge together with retention mechanisms in place. It means that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) becomes the most important aspect which is tantamount to a journey of significant relevance and a point of acknowledged reference. The CPD journey is essentially far more important than an actual status itself primarily as it is ongoing and up-to-date. The philosophy of the Chartered Inst of Purchasing & Supply encapsulates the importance of the CPD journey:
Many of the jobs we do today will continue to change at an increasing rate, meaning that current knowledge is effectively a perishable good. The people best equipped to succeed will be those who display learning agility, the ability to learn and acquire new behavior rapidly and effectively. Your future prosperity and career success, therefore, depends on your willingness to (continuously) renew your portfolio of knowledge, skills and competences

The range and methodology of MICE industry status opportunities are varied and should cover the specific needs of buyers such as corporate planners, procurement managers, event coordinators, travel managers while suppliers such as – venues, designers, staging production houses, exhibition organizers/builders, caterers and the like have their targeted areas of required expertise.

In order for the MICE industry in all its sectors to gain respect as a profession – it is essential that individuals commence and grow their Professional Profile Portfolio. Whether the individual selects one programme in preference to another or decides not to attain a status the importance of updating knowledge as the industry progresses swiftly to new methods and means is indeed the crux of professionalism. As in the words of Anita Roddick founder & MD of the Body Shop Int. If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.