In past years Kadoro Events and Communications has fallen under the magazine sales reps spell of out of sight, out of mind and taken out print advertising in industry focused publications. Through this medium we have tried to increase our exposure and client base.
The return on this expenditure has never yielded positive income or growth, but has rather cluttered our brand with all the other advertisers.

2012 has seen a different approach for Kadoro with a stance on not taking out advertising space but rather partnering with and sponsoring top client focused events, whereby we are able to present our brand in a quality experience whilst associating our brand with top respected brands and key target markets.
Kadoro consistently invests in the communities in which we work to support and learn from others.

Being a sponsor/partner says something special about our company, by aligning ourselves with the uniqueness of different markets, which mirrors our approach on producing event experiences.

The most recent inclusion of our marketing strategy was as the sponsor of the Sunday Times Top Brands-Behind the winning strategies Breakfast debate lead by Jeremy Maggs and leading marketing specialists.This allowed for the creation of brand synergy resulting in obtaining quality leads and securing the account for the event management expenditure of a leading SA brand.