With the MICE industry realising the importance of gaining points for keeping up to date in the ever-changing MICE markets the next step was the launch of an ambitious CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme for the industry.
Rolling out in early 2013 will be a series of MICE Focus Groups for the very purpose of an ongoing updated series of information sessions.
The Academy investigated a perplexing challenge for a number of member associations which is the effective completion and distribution of authentic certificates. It can be a daunting task to set-up a system which will be reliable, authentic, easy to handle and swift in distribution.
Following extensive research the Academy has completed a certification software service which will be released to the industry before the end of 2012.
On completion of a MICE Focus Group session the participant will immediately receive an email attaching the certificate of the session.
There will be two differing types of certificates the one is an attendance certificate which indicates sign-in as confirmation of attendance at the session. While the second and more important certificate will be the one of compliance. The compliance certificate will be proof positive that the participant has been tested on the subject under review and scored as having a good understanding of the sessions topic.
Added to the compliance will be an outcome-based section which requires the participant to make a note of the main learning aspects as well as how the participant intends to take the subject matter further in their career and/or organizing tasks.
The Academy believes this is the way of the future by ensuring that any knowledge update is positively tested, scored and taken to a progressive level in the learning process.
Academy participants in the CPD programme will receive their very own Professional Profile ring-binder in which their certificates can be conveniently stored as a portfolio display for different future uses.
Finally the ongoing accumulation of CPD points on an annual basis manifests into a powerful incentive. And where these points are achieved, the rewards and recognition that accompany the lifelong learning as a way of life will become a reality.

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