I am pleased to advise, that Karkloof Spa has been awarded the prestigious 7* grading by Seven Stars and Stripes (, being the first African property to receive the award.

As part of the certification process, there will be a 30 minute TV film, which will be screened on Hampton TV in New York, but can be extended to the entire cable network of 77m households in the USA for a fee.

An abridged version of the show is shown on the website, featuring the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, which is the previous property to receive the award.

In addition, they will be filming an episode of A Taste Of History ( at Karkloof Spa, being the only one to be filmed in Africa.
This series is screened on prime time TV in the USA and Russia, and has just won its 4th Emmy Award in Hollywood.

I have also included a link to our new promotional video below.