MICE professionals have a tendency to be quick at criticizing others organizing tasks in comparison to their own abilities. Its a natural consequence of viewing an end result at a MICE undertaking with an organizer other than oneself.

One observes questionable aspects such as congested human traffic-flows, confused registration areas, poor lighting, incomprehensible backdrop signage and the like.

It may be prudent- before criticizing to rather pose questions as to why some procedures were undertaken in a certain way.

In many instances some tasks are taken out of the hands of the organizer and placed with another individual / organization that has little in-depth knowledge of the importance for undertaking the task in a more effective manner.

Again, there are other occasions where, despite a comprehensive brief being provided to all sub-contractors one or more of these sub-contractor and without a word to the main organizer will decide at the last minute to change the method prescribed – to a format which is more conducive due to a totally different set of reasons from the actual brief distributed.

The main organizer in these situations has limited room to maneuver or reverse back to the originally agreed task to be carried out. The only aspect which is certain is the responsibility and hence blame lies with the main organizer. It is therefore little wonder that in these circumstances the most evenly-tempered organizer tends to fly off the handle. It is also likely that a particular sub-contractor will not be asked to submit a proposal again.

There are several messages that one can gain perspective and insight from:
(1) Communications clear and simple are essential. Ensure there is no deviation from the brief;

(2) One Overall Coordinator there may be several sub-contractors yet only one point at which an overall dynamic foot-print can be viewed and updated on a regular basis.

(3) Pre- and post MICE briefing is an essential pre-requisite to all MICE undertakings no matter the size or type.

And the overall message is to have a step-by-step MICE Specification Guide which leads the MICE undertaking from commencement through to successful conclusion each and every time.

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