With the rising costs of fuel not to mention the advent of e-tolls as well as environmental issues of reducing our carbon foot-print it is likely that many MICE planners will make a concerted effort to investigate group transport as an alternative to individual access to the chosen venue for a variety of MICE undertakings. MICE venues on the other hand should be seeking a more all-inclusive package per participant that has transport as part of the charge structure.
Besides the regulatory requirements of mechanical safety, insurance and the like – it is unclear whether at this time there is a minimum standard for ensuring MICE groups are effectively catered for.
During the 2010 World Cup there were a number of complaints regarding MICE group transporters. The number of itineraries that were thrown out- of-kilt due to drivers uncertain route direction, break-downs with no pre-planned back-up to name but two sobering circumstances, begs the question as to group transport compliance within the needs of MICE groups in particular.
In a recent letter by UK planner Nigel Cooper his letter pointed out the attention to detail that is needed when shipping freight, exhibition materials and road-shows around the country and indeed the world whilst the letter pointed out the flaws in passenger logistics.
And heres the question: Do our MICE group transporters take account of a range of requirements in accordance with the needs of the MICE client? The hiring of a passenger coach should include: (1) actual vehicle movements (2) back-up shuttle transport (3) driver instructions of all the relevant details as well as checking that they are totally familiar with the route including current road works and immediate road block information access. Also included should be the reassurance of authentic updates en route to the MICE planner as well as part ground arrangement tasks.
It appears long-overdue for the transporters of MICE groups to provide a detailed listing of inclusions that zero-in specifically on the MICE industry.