No one willingly attends a MICE gathering to be bored or disappointed. We all attend and participate in sessions, summits, forums, conferences, launches and the like with expectations of being entertained as well as enthralled to the point of remembering the message long after the MICE is over.

Lets face it there is so much information crossing our desks and screens every day that sifting through what is pertinent to us and what is not pertinent, becomes blurred. More importantly, is actually getting up and going to a MICE with the – out-of-routine departure and usually time-consuming – traffic mayhem around us. It just has to be a worthwhile outcome otherwise it is a waste of time and a great deal of money. Even more so is when one is compelled to attend the companys various sessions or seminars getting the message across effectively is a no-brainer.

Our attention has to be positively drawn to the theme, the co-branders and in particular the presenters and their message. Only in this way can we grasp the message and progress with the information gained.

On Friday the 25th January participants at the MICE Focus Group in the Gallagher Convention Centre will visually view the difference between good and not so good lighting. Commented Lighting Design Experts Gerda Kruger of Philip Kruger Consulting Similar to a cat being mesmerized by vehicles headlights, so your eye needs to be drawn to the highlights that the host organizer wants to get across.

Philip Kruger Consulting have a track record that many others in their industry envy, from high-powered corporate product launches to international theatre productions the Academy are delighted to have secured such professional consultants to take the MICE industry through their paces.

Coupled with the five star Gallagher facilities there are treats galore which await the January Focus Group participants.

Static lighting when a techie puts a spotlight on the presenter and disappears till its break-down time is not what effective lighting is all about. The differences between down-lights, up-lights, roving-lights has proven to be the right answer in getting the message across.

Added to this highly visual impact Focus Group will be the opportunity to gain effective credits with an authentic Compliance Certificate which will be issued to participants that take an optional brief yet focused test before departing. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a must for all who wish to update their knowledge in the dynamic MICE industry. The 25th January is where it begins.

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