Enhancing message retention through effective lighting will be visually demonstrated at the first Focus Group of 2013 at Gallagher Estates.
Led by Gerda Kruger of Philip Kruger Consulting the international lighting design experts the session will commence with the usual standard lighting which is the norm at most MICE undertakings – and progress into the differences of various types of lighting that demonstrate the marked focus with effective lighting.
Unless we visually see the differences it is unlikely that we will understand the vast impact which effective types of lighting can make commented Philip Kruger.
For the first time within the South African MICE industry a compliance certification process will be implemented. Unlike an attendance certificate which merely records that the participant was present at the MICE gathering compliance certification verifies that the participant has understood the topic under review. Additionally a brief paragraph on the outcomes-based conclusions will ensure authentic follow-through of the CPD process.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential component of credibility within any industry. Within the MICE industry both employers and clients will be able to determine the actual updated knowledge-base of the MICE planner / co-ordinator. In turn with the individuals professional CPD profile assurance is verified that the updated knowledge is in place to improve their MICE project and bottom-line ROI.
Participants on the 25th January have been primed to being tested following the Focus Group presentation and the results together with the participants feed-back will form a valuable part of compliance certification going forward.
All parties agreeing to the MICE Academys objectives, which are the ongoing improvement of industry individuals, are dedicated to communicating and enhancing MICE standards and the venue for the MICE Focus Groups is no exception. 5-star Gallagher management have an ongoing policy of improving their personnels ability as well as that of the industry irrespective of representation being from the supplier, service or end-user groups.
Friday 25th January will be a landmark starting point for the MICE industry and credibility.

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