The first inaugural Focus Group for the serious MICE industry individuals zeroed-in on every aspect of event lighting techniques. Participants were taken through their paces as to good and not-so-good lighting. As proceedings commenced the delegates witnessed the subtle change from harsh, unfocussed standard lighting practices to focussed visual impactful lighting.

Participants viewed soft background shades with bright light only on the centre core of the round banquet tables. Further up-lighters visually drew the eye to the various brands within Gallagher 3.

Simultaneously soft background shades with spotlight on the presenter ensured participants attention was drawn between presenter, brands and note-taking/reading materials without extraneous distractions.

The presentations were packed with information on cost-structures plus a number of lighting dos and donts.

Participants were briefed at commencement on the compliance testing method and on conclusion of the presentations, all attendees were tested with questions and multiple-choice answers emanating from the presentations. Finally a 50 word paragraph on outcomes-based conclusions as completed by participant in which all attendees had to explain what follow-up would be undertaken from the mornings presentations.

The testing process was confidential with scoring taking place by swopping test answers with other colleagues and marking from the screened answers.

A pass mark of almost two-thirds being correct was needed to be awarded compliance certificates.

75% achieved the required pass mark and the computer-generated software certification process is at present underway with 25% gaining attendance certificates.

A resounding success were the outcomes of the first Focus Group in 2013. The compliance testing process could not have been achieved without the support and valuable input plus out-of-the-box extensive equipment supplied by Philip Kruger Consulting international lighting experts and DWR Distribution respectively.

This sets the parameters for all future MICE Focus Groups and we are delighted with the outcomes concluded an Academy spokesperson.