Professionals earn fees, agents charge commissions that is the by-line quoted by the Academy for the 15th March MICE Focus Group at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Entitled Corporate MICE Spend the 3 hour session focuses on the largest segment of the MICE market with average organisation allocations that are known to exceed annual budgets of R30m.

Following extensive research into the challenges of corporate MICE spend the Academy will set the scene as to the background governing this important topic. Financial managers, procurement officers meeting/event managers as well as card merchants plus travel managers have grappled with the pinpointing of expenditure within a dynamic series of circumstances within any MICE undertaking.

It is a fact that its not possible to manage what cannot be measured and with budgets stretched and corporates seeking more bang for their buck an accurate ROI (Return on Investment) is only likely when bottom-line allocations are totally understood.

The 3rd MICE Focus Group in 2013 will detail the:
* various definitions making-up suppliers, services and the intermediaries;
* differences between the corporate, association and public sector markets;
* fee structures and commission systems;
* advocators, supporters & promoters of the commission systems;

The Academy will put forward recommended solutions to this perennial challenge while Advocate Louis Nel will follow with comments on the scene-setter and put forward various methods in terms of the legislation. Aspects of the (1) Consumer Protection Act (2) Protection of Private Info Act (3) Risk Management and (4) Contract Management requirements will come under the spotlight and be aligned to the corporate MICE spend together with the contentious commission systems undertaken at this time.

Greater added value at all MICE Focus Groups is the commencement / continuation of authentic credit accumulation by participating in a brief Q&A test. Compliance and attendance certificates are issued to industry individuals that participate in this most beneficial process.