Hooray for  2013!

The economic climate has meant that company team building has been taking a back seat. But not this year. Barry Futter, owner of Adventure Works and Jonathan Lechtman, owner of Maximilian Group are positive 2013 will be a success.

The landscape of the team building industry has changed dramatically over the past five years and, says Futter, it’s vital to recognise these changes and reinvent the type of experiences you offer.

“Given the current economic climate, we find that staff are pushed to work harder and rely on successful teamwork at a deeper level. This has resulted in companies treating their staff functions as reward for hard work rather than as a tool to get more out of the team. However, they still want to achieve the same objectives of enhancing communication and creating a sense of belonging through a fun event.”

With this in mind, Adventure Works has created a number of new products that bring people together through the power of fun while incorporating some light hearted learning. “Our Urban Adventure illustrates the origins of Cape Town while delegates busk as gumboot dancers on a street corner, sell curios to tourists for maximum profit and explore the Company’s Garden, a showcase of the history that put us on the map. The powerful part of this event is that clients get to see the same city area in a completely new light. This is a fundamental necessity of bringing about change.”

Adventure Works has created a number of activities in the townships and Futter believes there’s massive room for growth in this area. “It’s inspiring to see the entrepreneurial spirit in many township communities; companies can learn great lessons of how to do so much with so little. Playing in a marimba orchestra, moulding and designing the artwork on your own pottery coffee mug, or learning tribal dance moves are just a few of the creative activities we run in the township. Social responsibility initiatives such as painting classrooms, planting trees and building jungle gyms are also powerful and enjoyable experiences, but they must be sustainable and well managed for long-term benefit,” Futter explains

“2013 already looks like a better year for business in general, so I’m anticipating a busy year ahead as companies prioritise staff functions after a few years of limited activity,” he concludes.

Maximilian Group’s Jonathan Lechtman has a lot to look forward to this year. In just a short time they’ve grown from strength and, says Lechtman, “We’ve got some exciting brand new activities we’ll be introducing this year.”

“At Maximilian Group we put our clients first in everything we do. This means continually endeavouring to provide authentic experiences that are creative and innovative, every time. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a high-standard of quality and value-for-money while fulfilling our aim to be more than extraordinary,” explains Lechtman.

He continues: “We’re constantly striving to be the most unique and ‘next-generation’ event management company, and with our custom developed experiences, we make sure that we are always at the forefront of our industry in everything we do.”

From small executive training sessions to large-scale conferences, Maximilian Group’s incredible knowledge of venues in southern Africa allows them to find and utilise the most appropriate venues for your conferencing needs. “In addition, we will take care of all of the technical requirements and refreshment details, so that all you need to focus on is getting on with business,” says Lechtman.