The MICE industry needs to come to grips with the various methods in which payments are made for services rendered to end-users so says the MICE Academy who are holding their 3rd MICE Focus Group on the 15th March at the 5 star Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

End-users are defined as the decision-makers to hold the MICE gathering and request or allocate a budgeted amount to the project. The majority of end-users are within the corporate market.

Corporate is defined as company tax-payers within all sectors of the economy such as finance, insurance, health, manufacturing being the most dominant.

It is long over-due that the end-user realised there are a variety of reasons for add-on payments which can culminate in commissions due to set budgets and the like.

On the 15th March a detailed scene-setter by Helen Brewer will commence the proceedings, highlighting the various definitions, challenges and permutations that are in the market-place.
Open questions will be put on the table in which the interests of corporate departments such as: finance, procurement & travel will be pin-pointed.

The issue should in fact not be a sensitive one as long as payments are justified and chronicled accordingly. It is a question of effective communications.

It is at this juncture the contractual requirements come into play and Advocate Louis Nel will zero-in on what the law states with the drawing-up of agreements between the parties.

Participants will receive a position paper immediately following the Focus Group and take a Q&A test in keeping with a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) process. Experiencing CPD as well as commencing ones very own CPD MICE portfolio can be most satisfying and has a number of valuable benefits.

Participation is limited and registrations close on Wednesday 13th March at 17h00.