The Unique Speaker Bureau (USB) introduces the fabulous Orchestrate, team building with a difference.

Orchestrate is probably the most powerful demonstration of how individual incompetence in every team member can be turned around completely – in just 90 minutes. Orchestrate leads each person through a process of learning and discovery in the most challenging, entertaining and enthralling way.

Orchestrate not only builds teams, but establishes in each individual a level of self-belief and competence that they might have doubted.

A symphony orchestra is probably one of the best examples of a team working as one. Emotionally and creatively the players have to be tuned in to each other, and people doing different tasks have to work together towards a common goal.

Our budding proteges will learn to play real instruments; from violins to violas, cellos to brass, and percussion to woodwind. Once the instruments have been chosen, the delegates will work in separate sections under the guidance of expert musicians. Once proficient they will then come together as one mighty symphony orchestra under the baton of the conductor to play 2 iconic pieces from one of the most famous operas of all time in the most rousing of finales that will leave everyone with goosebumps and chest swelling pride.