The MICE industry needs to come to grips with the various methods in which payments are made for services rendered to end-users so says the MICE Academy who are holding their 3rd MICE Focus Group on the 15th March at the 5 star Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.
End-users are defined as the decision-makers to hold the MICE gathering and request or allocate a
budgeted amount to the project. The majority of end-users are within the corporate market.
Corporate is defined as company tax-payers within all sectors of the economy such as finance,
insurance, health, manufacturing being the most dominant.
It is long over-due that the end-user realised there are a variety of reasons for addon
payments which can culminate in commissions due to set budgets and the like.
On the 15th March a detailed scene-setter by the Academys Helen Brewer will
commence the proceedings, highlighting the various definitions, challenges and
permutations that are in the market-place.
Open questions will be put on the table in which the interests of corporate
departments such as: finance, procurement & travel will be pin-pointed.
The issue should in fact not be a sensitive one as long as payments are justified and
chronicled accordingly. It is a question of effective communications.
It is at this juncture the contractual requirements come into play and
Advocate Louis Nel will zero-in on what the law states with the drawing-up of
agreements between the parties.
Participants will receive a position paper immediately following the Focus Group
and take a Q&A test in keeping with a CPD (Continuing Professional
Development) process. Experiencing CPD as well as commencing ones very
own CPD MICE portfolio can be most satisfying and has a number of valuable
Participation is limited and registrations close on Wednesday 13th March at 17h00.
If you wish to register for the 15th March contact details that can be used are: or 011 3264000 or 0828205382.