Ryan Hogarth, a member of the Unique Speaker Bureau (USB), is a social business strategist. He presents his lively and dynamic keynote on the impact of social platforms on the business-customer relationship. An informative, inspiring and entertaining speaker, Ryan presents with great authority and purpose.

Until the mid 90s a business strategy and planning was straightforward but the internet, mobile and social media changed everything. In the age of consumer technology control is less and less possible and the route to market has been altered.

Friction is defined as the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another. In business that resistance is anything that slows, inhibits or prevents interaction with your brand. With no interaction there can be no business.

This dynamic and lively presentation encompasses a view of the changing face of global business to a frictionless economy. Is friction in your business retarding growth and innovation? How do you identify friction? How do you fix it? The sheer pace of technology demands that business become expert in identifying and removing this friction and to play their part of establishing an innovative and truly modern business.

Designed for business at all levels Ryan has been profiled in the Financial Mail, interviewed on 3Talk, and contributor to Shop SA Magazine,, Meetings SA magazine, Human Capital Review and Die Beeld. With over 20 years experience as a speaker his clients include IBM, EMC, Tiger Brands, Hyprop, Grove (Google business partner) and Ernst & Young. Ryans skills in presenting makes for an impactful, memorable and engaging presentation.

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