It was way back when Sir Winston Churchill coined the phrase It is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war. Whether he had a premonition regarding the need for constant face-to-face dialogue in one form or another is unclear. What is clear is the unprecedented amount of MICE bookings at this time.

High-standard, purpose- built venues targeted annual budgets have been exceeded in less than three months of 2013 with confirmed bookings. Internal corporate facilities are considering adding-on and refurbishing since being constructed a mere five to ten years ago. Even lesser-standard venues have gained from those with last minute bookings. Its certainly all happening in the MICE industry.

Over the past few years a number of technology types had predicted the demise of the MICE industry in favour of various innovations such as video, webinars, skype and many other useful apps. All of these fabulous technologies save us from the stress and expense of travel, accommodation et al which eat up our time in unnecessary ways. And lets face it these wonderful innovations have their place.

Yet nothing can replace the human contact of face-to-face interaction in a myriad of ways for an equally vast variety of reasons.

Is it because there are so many methods of gaining information via the isolation of ones very own computer that urges us to find out whether there is life out there? Or is it rather that we can gauge moods, attitudes and gain another humans undivided attention only through a physical MICE undertaking without some-one cutting the power?

We believe it is the latter. Hence the need for higher standards in mapping-out the conceptual and logistical requirements to ensure a greater ROI is even more essential.

Significant amounts of money are spent on MICE undertakings and it is the smart finance, procurement decision-makers that come to grips as to whether they are getting real bang for their buck. All MICE undertakings have a beginning and a current happening. No MICE undertaking has
an end. Because at every MICE conclusions there should be a new beginning. A follow-on from what has been undertaken. Whether the follow-on is undertaken in the same manner as mapped-out immediately following the MICE is quote another matter. But there is no actual end to a MICE undertaking.

Fortunately simple, step-by-step systems are available and being implemented to ensure a good, satisfying result to all MICE gatherings.