Sho-Sho-Lo-Za Marketing cc is a dynamic, hands on, creative company that offers passion, integrity and progressive thinking. We chat, in detail, to the ladies behind this unique brand.

For over 20 years, Sho-Sho-Lo-Za Marketing has been providing thinking out-the-box experiences for both corporate clients and NGOs. The director, Noelene Kotschan, says: We want our clients dreams to become reality. And Sasha Woodcock, marketing manager, concurs: Yes, we dont want to just plan any old function; were not the norm.

As one of South Africas nominated Nation Builders, Sho-Sho-Lo-Za Marketing prides itself on the innovative use of the greater community to ensure growth in the entrepreneurial SMME market.

The PinkDrive Campaign

The company developed and still runs the PinkDrive, under the guidance of Kotschan. The PinkDrive is a breast cancer awareness Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and has been instrumental in the launch of major campaigns. It creates awareness at various functions and sporting events throughout the year, as well as at flagship events during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Were driven, passionate people with integrity. If we werent, PinkDrive wouldnt have grown to what it is today in just three years, says Kotschan.

A unique benefit

Sho-Sho-Lo-Za Marketing is the only the company in the country that offers CSI (Corporate Social Investment) certificates. A CSI certificate creates and promotes brand loyalty, adds value to your brand or product, improves client relations and assists with obtaining BEE certification. All our products have CSI options, confirms Woodcock.

We do it all and can structure any kind of event, says Woodcock. Kotschan adds: We started out organising a dinner for just two people and now we can do anything you wish. Were like a menu: you can have hors doeuvres, starters, mains, desserts and a cheese board to top it all off, or you can go the other way and have your after dinner night cap first.

This is just a taste of this dynamic company. Go to page 24 in the March/April Meetings SA edition to read about Sho-Sho-Lo-Za Marketing and the wonderful ladies behind it.