It’s all about good planning to ensure a successful event. Yet the amount of slog that is required for the conceptual side in order to get ‘mega bang for minor bucks’ leaves most programme planners exhausted before they even attempt the essential creative prelims.

The 19th April MICE Focus Group at the five star Gallagher Convention Centre will take participants through their paces on this complex subject that is likely to keep the grey cells working overtime.

Topping the agenda is the design experience – taking account of all the soft and hard images that dictate the parameters of getting the message across. Following on – is an exposé of the six right brain aptitudes which can alter a planners way of conceptual design understanding.

No design is complete without the visual impact of an appropriate backdrop.
Barry Snow a staging & production guru will show the significant role that fabric has with backdrops. With fabric can be the risk of fire and planners plus venue management need to know the difference between fire retardant fabric and materials that are potentially hazardous.

All MICE undertakings have an element of entertainment and there is no better expert to enlighten the industry on setting the scene – without the fire- than Barry. He is a life-time achiever award winner from the TPSA (Technical Production Services Association) and has represented the South African staging and production industry within the international arena.

April’s Focus Group will conclude with a targeted Q&A test with certification improvements that recognize the added efforts of attentive participants with 4 credits for compliance and 2 credits for attendance.