Visitors to Markex are in for a real treat this year – especially those that are seriously involved in the events (MICE) industry.

Perhaps one of the most under-estimated bottom-line spends in the South African economy are the annual budgeted amounts for business gatherings. Prime spenders are the multitude of different types of private sector organizations.

“Bunched together under travel & accommodation with mega annual amounts is the MICE driving force – which accounts in many instances for some 80% of spend…That’s big money in anyone’s language,” commented an Academy spokesperson.

Markex in turn are renowned for their range of products & services that carry the brands of some of the nation’s largest organizations. With a target visitor that is very attune to the event side of promotions, it stands to reason that specialised management would pull out all the stops to make the show even more special for these significant decision-makers.

One of the attractions will be the Unique Speaker Bureau’s (USB) closed-in section with both national and international high-powered professional speakers geared-up to get real messages across and provide ideas and key note presenters for decision-maker’s vast array of MICE events.

To add greater value to the USB’s programme will be the opportunity for attendees to receive a real authentic certificate of attendance. “Knowledgeable industry individuals attend on average some 8 to 10 sessions, conferences, workshops and the like every year. These attendances mount up to much time, effort and finances which should not be wasted.”

It’s long overdue that these special people receive credible proof of their knowledge update which they can include in their portfolio of evidence. Career advancement is based on proof positive regarding being at the cutting edge of new developments within the dynamic MICE world. Now is the time to commence the accumulation of authentic credits.

The MICE Academy will be on-hand to ensure the certification service is undertaken seamlessly.

Contact Marilyn at (011) 465 4410 to be included on the distribution list for the USB programme.

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