‘Just this once step out of your comfort zone and get tools to energize your events’ so says the MICE Academy. When it comes to fresh ideas and at no charge there is nothing to beat the happenings in Sandton Sun’s Hall 2 at Markex 11th to 13th June. Three of the top presenters at the Unique Speaker Bureau’s enclosed pavilion will enthrall you and set you up with outstanding fresh ideas.

**Getting the Message Across
We are bombarded with information virtually every minute of the day. With all events requiring ‘bang for buck’ – pulling out all the stops in high message retention is paramount.
At around 14h00 each day, the Missing Link will set you on the right track to change your events from boring to bountiful information transfer. This is a value-added which will prove boundless going forward.

**Strategic Humour to Infuse Any Event
Laughter and the lighter side is always the best medicine. High-powered techniques to keep delegates on the edge of their conference chair is what Livewire’s Al Prodgers will do for you and future groups. It is likely to be a full house for this one – so be there early either on the 11th, 12th or 13th June at Sandton Sun’s Hall 2 USB Pavillion.

**Surviving a Crisis with Elegance and Grace
Debra Patta is not only well-versed in interviewing techniques on real controversial topics with sometimes highly emotional interviewees but is also regarded as an outstanding presenter as we have all witnessed on her weekly Third Degree programme. Sharing these controversial interview techniques can only be a bonus for us all. The Academy will be in the front row for this one.

An outstanding added value benefit is that attendees can receive credits in keeping with their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) from the MICE Academy. Both these three outstanding presenters and attendance credits certificates are opportunities that rarely occur. Take your seats please for what can only be extreme benefit for all your events going forward. Full programme details can be found at

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