A hidden gem in Johannesburg’s city, Olives & Plates is a professional catering services business that provides top quality healthy food and related catering services on behalf of businesses, Universities and Public Organisations in South Africa.

Olives & Plates began trading in the restaurant industry in 1996, and in 2001 started as an SMME Business to provide Catering Services. Olives & Plates has since grown to 115 Employees and provides Catering, Retail, Restaurant, Conference and related services to four Canteens, a Coffee Shop, a Post Graduate Club, four Express Kiosks and also provides catering to functions at the various venues in and around these outlets.

Visitors to any Olives & Plates facilities are offered fresh, delicious meals cooked by our Chefs. These meals are packed with flavour and prepared on site daily. The company insists on the best quality ingredients; lean meats; fresh vegetables and herbs delivered daily.

The Olive & Plates Club & Conference Venue and the Olive & Plates Restaurant are both located within the Wits University grounds and are perfect for any conference, event, wedding or party. The Club & Conference Venue is where the divide between elegant architecture fitted with superb finishes, and modern functionality is concurred to ensure a memorable event.

The Olives & Plates Club & Conference Venue  offers all the modern facilities to successfully host your conferences, weddings, corporate events, and celebrations. Coupled with the Olives & Plates catering services that include a selection of fresh, delectable food from our menu, and professionalism from our experienced staff – both you and your guests may enjoy an experience to relish, whatever the occasion.

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The Restaurant is a dining experience nestled in beautifully revived old-Dutch style architecture with its elegant finishes only surpassed by our
delectable and affordable menu. Situated at what was known as the WITS Clubhouse, an ode to tradition is exemplified not only in the architecture, but in their commitment to serving the best quality food.

Enjoy a meal with a friend, have a birthday celebration, or host your wedding reception in this spacious venue. Their menu is versatile, with quality ingredients consistently used – added with the attention to detail to suit any occasion.

Simply put, Olives & Plates brings its professional catering expertise into a space for all to enjoy, celebrating taste in all its glory.