Three Cities Inn on the Square Hotel has signed the 49m Pledge, proving its commitment to the energy-saving initiative, and actively contributing to a more energy-efficient South Africa.

The 49m initiative aims to unite South Africans in the goal of creating a more energy efficient country and, by signing the 49m Pledge, Inn on the Square is committing to reduce their energy use through pledging to implement energy efficient technologies in their facilities and to contribute to energy conservation.

“Inn on the Square Hotel is committed to implementing campaigns to educate internal and external stakeholders on energy-saving strategies, and spreading awareness for the cause,” says Clinton Thom, General Manager of Inn on the Square.

Inn on the Square has been moving towards reduced-energy practices since 2011, when low wattage LED lighting technology was installed in all public areas of the hotel. Three heat pumps were commissioned as the primary source of water heating for the hotel, and are more efficient than conventional heating methods. Air conditioners and extraction fans in public areas have also been fitted with timers, to ensure that they are not in use when they are not needed. These initiatives have greatly reduced energy consumption in the hotel.

Currently, Inn on the Square is evaluating the conversion of the remaining areas of the hotel to low wattage LED lighting technology.

“By signing the 49m Pledge, Inn on the Square Hotel recognises that energy efficiency is a vital initiative and that we will contribute to the cause by increasing the use of energy efficient technologies in our facilities. All responsible South African hospitality companies should be doing so – it’s good for both business and the environment,” adds Clinton Thom.

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