Missed your flight? No Wi-Fi? SA Conference picks some of the top free apps for business movers and shakers for less rushing and more relaxing.

flight stats airport zoomFlightStats AirportZoom
FlightStats AirportZoom assists air travellers worldwide with current flight status, maps for airport navigational assistance and tools for finding the nearest and best concessions, services and amenities. Flight status information comes directly from FlightStats’ global database – the world’s best source for accurate, timely and complete flight tracking and current airport conditions. The number of airports for which you’ll find airport maps and interactive services and amenities listings continues to grow.

right signatureRightSignature
The new RightSignature In-Person Document Signing app empowers you to collect client signatures in the field on your iPad. Contracts, non-disclosure agreements, estimates, releases, receipts – all signed in person, in seconds, without paper. RightSignature In-Person Document Signing on the iPad is the clipboard of the 21st century.

seat guruSeatguru
Zero in on the best seats on your next flight, including where you can find access to electrical outlets to work on the go and get the best view of the in-flight movie.


wifi finderWi-Fi Finder
Stay connected in a new city. Easily track down the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots or save Wi-Fi locations for later if you’re worried about  Internet access.


Trip ItTripIt
Map out your airport experience all the way from  check-in to your departure gate. Once you’ve e-mailed your reservation confirmations to, the app will create a detailed itinerary that’s easily shared across devices, including all necessary confirmation codes and travel times.

expensify 1Expensify
Seamlessly track all of your expenses with one app. Sync all of your credit and debit cards to Expensify and the app takes care of the rest, tracking each expense as you go and compiling an easy-to-navigate expense report at the end of your trip (and will e-mail it as a PDF if you wish). If you pay with cash, scan the receipt using your phone’s camera and the app will file it.

Start planning with before you leave home. Search for, compare, coordinate and book flights, hotels and car rentals. Kayak links to TripAdvisor to screen and provide information about hotels using real travellers’ ratings and reviews. Manage your trip itinerary while traveling to keep organised with confirmation numbers and find out about last minute changes.

google translateGoogle Translate
Amazingly versatile and instantaneous, Google Translate currently works with 57 languages, from Afrikaans to Yiddish. Helpful for on-the-go communication crises, it offers an immediate second best to a human translator. The app provides both visual and audible translation in the desired language. In addition, a newer Google Translator Toolkit actually uses human translators aided by technologies like Google Translate to translate entire documents.

xe currencyXE Currency
The app calculates and makes conversions for you instantly using up to 180+ worldwide currencies. You can access live foreign exchange rates, up-to-date currency news as well as historical rates. Get e-mails or follow economic indicators calendar. You can create and track comparison charts and get help calculating prices even in remote areas. Get free e-mail updates with currency rates and news headlines, including several central bank interest rates.

Driving can be dangerous, especially in uncharted territory. Obstacles can be avoided with this dynamic navigational map system. Constantly updated in real time using drivers’ GPS points, Waze can automatically alert you to bumper to bumper traffic jams, fender-benders and detours – even  speed traps. It is ‘driven’ and activated by participating drivers who generate reports and send in photos.