The gathering of people generates a great deal of environmental hazards.  Similar to a bunch of locusts: people travel to a venue, people arrive, people consume, people travel from a venue

In most instances these short bursts of human ‘invaders’ leave a wasteland of environmental devastation.   In less than two years the introduction of a carbon tax based on – proven reduction for a reduced tax – will be upon us.

Commented the Academy: ‘We need to come to grips with the environmental issue. Better known as greening – as it affects all of us but particularly within our sphere of influence, being aware is good – being able to do something about it – is quite another matter’.

All is relative in the green MICE world. Even a mere 15 individuals in a 10 bed  and breakfast establishment with a meeting component  can leave a venue – which usually has an occupancy of about 60% at any one time – gasping for breath.

A simple, practical check-list or blue-print needs to be the immediate guideline within the scope of influence for each experienced MICE individual whether planner or venue.

The green session on the 27 September has secured presenters that will ensure the green issue is explained from the participant’s perspective.

Ziad Khan Financial Director at ZF Cleaning will outline the legal importance of a waste management plan for events irrespective of capacity or type. Khan will elaborate on assessing the waste from the start and ensuring awareness of the process and why the waste responsibility should not be ignored.

ZF Cleaning have been at the forefront of waste management for well over 20 years and are regarded as specialists in their field – undertaking waste management programmes for some of the largest events in excess of 20,000 visitors.

Programme Director Nikki Glen of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (STPP) will detail what a check-list should contain for MICE venues as well as event planners.  There are a number of ‘How to’ examples that will be shared which simplify the process. The STPP is a ‘how to’ programme assisting all role-players in understanding responsible and sustainable tourism. The STPP patrons and supporters read similar to a South African Who’s Who and much will be pinpointed by Nikki.

The Academy will draft a blue print for inclusion within both venue operating systems as well as event management planning co-ordination – which will be a part of the overall presentation and shared as a valued take-away with the participants for their own adaptation.

Between the main sub-contractor being the venue at which the gathering takes place and the planner who negotiates with the venue – there will be a series of checks and balances to ensure that few stones are left unturned.

Following all the inputs – a powerful Q&A test will take place which is aligned to several NQF core competencies. Credits according to your score will be awarded as part of the accumulation process.

If you have not experienced this confidential testing – now is the time to experience ‘it’.

Registration closes 48 hours before the commencement of the Green Focus Group.  Registration details together with the final programme can be found at homepage.