Since launching the MICE Academy, great strides have been made with the ongoing up-skilling of knowledgeable and experienced MICE individuals from all sectors of the industry.

The original MICE Club’ MICE info Update which commenced over 20 years ago was highly successful in the transfer of industry news to the market.  At that time the brand was in keeping with a more casual, informal identity.

With the advent of the Academy’s major role in continuing development and the establishment of a more established MICE industry through the many differing types of individuals – it has become necessary to adapt the brand identity in keeping with a more conservative, educational look & feel.

The services offered by the Academy bear witness to the consistently high standards which should be practiced as part of the essential drivers for successful events.

The two prime services are:

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
Industry individuals annually attend a wide variety of information updates be it: conferences, workshops, sessions et al.  On average about 10 sessions  – into a pertinent aspect of the MICE industry with durations of around 4 hours – means that 40 hours are spent per annum in up-skilling sessions. This is time away from core business activities as well as an expense in fees and travelling.  It is calculated that around R60,000 to R100,000 are invested in these 40 hours per year.

Commented Helen Brewer – Academy Director ‘It is important that effective, authentic records are kept by the MICE individual to ensure favourable checks and balances are in place for career development or greater secured clients’.  MICE undertakings are expensive and every effort should be made  – with best practice and expertise – to ensure a significant, provable return-on-investment is achieved.  The Academy’s CPD services are:

  • Certification for member associations. (Aligned to NQF requirements);
  • MICE Focus Groups (With future online testing);
  • Professional Profile & MICE Specification Ring-binders;
  • Accumulation of credits with individual score cards;
  • Annual Recognition & Rewards

Fit for Purpose Venues (with & without accommodation-links)
For every lock there is a key. Meeting planners are constantly seeking the most appropriate sets of spaces in keeping with their specific requirements at a given time.  The Academy assesses MICE venues irrespective of type and capacity. Event managers are reliant on this in-depth information for their choice of venue for serious bookings.

The Academy will launch the new brand at the next MICE Focus Group on Friday 27 September at Gallagher Convention Centre. Programme details and registrations for the 27 September can be found on the home page of

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