When deciding on a conference or event venue, it is important to ask the following questions:

  1. How accessible is the venue? Making it easy for delegates to attend is a top priority when deciding on a venue. You must make sure that the venue can be reached by public transportation. Make sure that there are attractions nearby as delegates may want to do something during downtime.
  2. Does the venue offer complete meeting packages? Affordability is a major factor when choosing a venue. Complete meeting packages are a great way to save.
  3. How big is the space available? The larger the property, the more the event planner has to work with. At a large venue, breakaway sessions can be added to the event’s programme.
  4. What are the venue’s Wi-Fi capabilities? With the increase of ownership of smart devices, it is important to ensure that delegates are connected at all times.
  5. Is there AV on-site? Having to hire AV companies may be an extra cost but using the venue’s own AV technician can help one stay within budget.
  6. Is the kitchen able to cater for delegates’ various dietary requirements? With South Africa’s melting pot of cultures, it is always important to make sure that you are able to cater for various dietary demands.
  7. Do breaks dictate the event programme? If your event needs flexibility, make sure the venue is able to provide all-day refreshment stations.
  8. What is the distance from the venue to the delegates’ accommodation? A successful event involves having the learning and living in the same area.
  9. What are the distractions in the venue? Various venues have direct access to recreational facilities such casinos and shopping centres, which may reduce delegate attendance after registration.
  10. Who will be the main point of contact? Speaking to one specific person ensures a better line of communication.