Within your scope of influence, the Academy leads the way in producing a green check-list when undertaking a site inspection or influencing a potential client to confirm a booking.

The key words are ‘scope of influence’.   The individuals that organise and plan MICE events are knowledgeable and experienced folk that need limited encouragement when it comes to being credited for issues that make sense with regard to best practice.

There are many courses and workshops that emphasise why one should start practicing sound environmental implementation.  Yet few pinpoint how a MICE individual can actually commence and indeed implement the process – without taking too much time – along the way.

On the 30October a three hour morning session will take place which will outline the fundamentals  and take participants straight into the swift implementation blue print.

And if companies and individuals do implement the simple green requirements – there will be credits available which are additional to the simple and confidential test on completion of the brief session.

The venue is SATSA’ committee room in Ferndale Johannesburg and programme details are available by emailing info@miceacademy.co.za   or check www.miceacademy.co.za home page and download the information.